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Are your employees trained against attacks?

Security systems are usually the most vulnerable to attacks aimed at regular employees. No matter the security system you have set up, your devices and networks can still be compromised by a single person acting in an unauthorized manner. An attacker will frequently take advantage of an employee's lack of awareness regarding proper security procedures. This, combined with the innate desire of most people to be helpful, can allow the attacker to gain illegitimate access to your company's protected resources. This type of cyber-attack is referred to as a “social engineering” attack. Training company employees on how to respond to such attacks is therefore important in ensuring your security. We provide onsite and virtual training accustomed to your needs and requirements. We at CyberGasha believe that cybersecurity is not the sole responsibility of IT personnel, but the active effort of all employees in combating the cyber threats of today. That is why we offer training to companies, IT security personnel and employees.

Employee Training

Our employee training package is aimed at creating awareness among employees and equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to help defend your organization from cyber threats. This package includes training for defense against social engineering attacks like impersonation, spear-phishing, and media drop. Based on pre-engagement assessments with your firm, we will also customize the training to fully fit your environment.

IT Security Training

Our IT security training package includes red and blue teaming, intrusion detection, and incident response. We will work closely with your team to test and validate the security control in place. Our training is designed to provide a complete architectural view of your security implementation and operation while providing guidance and assessment for improvement.

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