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Pioneering Cybersecurity and Networking services in Africa

At CyberGasha, we pioneer Cybersecurity and Networking services to help you grow with conviction by building cyber resilience business in detecting, preventing, and mitigating threats with proactive security intelligence.

Cyber Gasha

Cybersecurity Training

Employee training and raising security awareness among key stakeholders including security professionals to protect Ethiopian core infrastructure.

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About Our Company

Cyber Gasha

Founded by Ethiopian cybersecurity professionals, CyberGasha set out with a mission to meet the cybersecurity needs of Ethiopian individuals and organizations that have been transitioning to digitized forms of conducting business. The founders of CyberGasha are passionate and committed to addressing fundamental issues around Ethiopian Cybersecurity. Right from its inception, CyberGasha has aimed to be a pioneer in cybersecurity solutions in the emerging digitalized Ethiopian market. We understand that we must be quick to act against the threats that come with modernizing businesses and work to inspire and support the young generation to be a part of the cybersecurity workforce.

What We Offer

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Africa has been among the fastest-growing economy but still lacks in Cybersecurity infrastructure. Africa is not prepared for these threats, and Cybercriminals have increasingly been targeting Africa because of the low-hanging fruit. CyberGasha envisions inspiring the emerging young generation to be part of the Cybersecurity workforce. Africa is posing unique Cyber challenges which need a pioneering solution.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. We will help your business address your security problem before it damages your profit and asset severely.

Meet Security Expert

Network Security

We provide the most effective and functional network security design for companies and businesses worldwide.

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Cloud Security

We have a holistic and integrated approach towards core modernization to experience technological evolution.

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Cyber Consulting

Security solutions shouldn't depend on static and hard-coded for a fixed set of events. We tailor playbooks and runbooks to deal with all manner of cyber incidents.

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We provide onsite and virtual training accustom to your needs and requirements.  cyberGasha believes that security isn't the sole responsibility of IT personnel.

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How We Work?

Pre Design, Deploy, , Enforce

We assess your Security Infrastructure and make a recommendation that will best suit your need. By using our industry leading MITRE approach, we will work to identify unknown vulnerabilities in critical business systems that may have gone undetected, underestimated, or overlooked. CyberGasha will work closely with your in-house teams to design, deploy, and enforce the policy in an efficient and optimized way.

During - Prevent - Detect - Defend

Our Unified architecture rapidly adapts and evolves as you grow, with as little cost and impact as possible blocking modern attacks across all vectors by incorporating MITRE ATT&CK framework. Our prevention-based architecture simplifies your organization’s security posture to proactively detect and prevent cyberattacks.

Post - Scope, Contain, Eradicate, Recovery Remediate

Our Post assessment is an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or cyberattack. It is the ability to contain and eradicate the impact of a potential cybersecurity incident. The Recover Function identifies appropriate activities to maintain plans and restore services that were impaired due to a cybersecurity incident. It supports timely recovery to normal operations to reduce the impact of a cybersecurity incident.

"Pioneering Cybersecurity and Networking services to help you grow."

You can call us on (+1) 571-466-8064 to discuss your security requirement
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Our Latest Research on Cyber Security in Ethiopia

This survey will assist us in gathering information and understanding the state of cybersecurity in Ethiopia. We would like to thank you in advance for filling this survey.

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Anti-fraud firm found the malicious code on 53,000 Techno handsets, sold in Ethiopia

Anti-fraud firm Upstream found the malicious code on 53,000 Techno handsets, sold in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, and South Africa.

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ATO is a form of identity theft where a fraudster illegally uses bots to get access

Account Takeover (ATO) is a form of identity theft where a fraudster illegally uses bots to get access to a victim's bank, e-commerce site or other types of accounts.