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Network Security Design

Attacks from unknown threats pose critical risks to businesses and are the hardest to prevent as the number of devices connected to the internet is exploding. When you further add into consideration IoT (Internet of Things) and mobile devices, not only does your network need to be secure, but it must also be fast and reliable. With so many vendors to choose when buying switches, WAN, access points, and wireless controllers, CyberGasha consults with an intent-based architecture to meet customer expectations and scale for growing business demands while keeping Security in mind to locate and mitigate security threats both in the wired and wireless medium.

Cloud Security

For businesses making the transition to the cloud, robust cloud security is crucial. Security threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and the security of data in the cloud is a key concern for the business as the cloud is facing a high cybersecurity risk. While many people understand the benefits of cloud computing, they’re equally deterred by security threats. We advise security measures that are configured according to the industry standard to protect cloud data, support regulatory compliance, and protect customers' privacy.

Cyber Consulting

Security solutions shouldn't depend on static and hard-coded for a fixed set of events. We tailor playbooks and runbooks to deal with all manner of cyber incidents.

Validate Cyber Readiness

We will bring our exquisite expertise in solutions such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), anti-virus solutions, endpoint detection, and Response (EDR/XDR). Our Unified architecture rapidly adapts and evolves as you grow, with as little cost and impact as possible blocking modern attacks across all vectors by incorporating MITRE ATT&CK framework. Our prevention-based architecture simplifies your organization’s security posture to proactively detect and prevent.

Security Playbook and Runbook

Attacks are evolving swiftly and security solutions shouldn't depend on static and hard-coded set of events. We tailor playbooks and runbooks to deal with all manner of cyber incidents which allows you to remain in control, ready to adapt and adjust the response workflow. The approach of CyberGasha security playbooks & runbooks support multi-flow advanced runbooks and a simplified playbook containing a dual mode where automation and manual actions can co-exist.

Vulnerability Management

Cyber Criminals are targeting vulnerable network security systems across the world, costing global organizations billions in data breaches. We will assist you with the process of identifying, evaluating, treating, and reporting on security vulnerabilities in systems and the software that runs on them. This, implemented alongside other security tactics, is vital for organizations to prioritize possible threats and minimize their "attack surface."

Risk Assessment

Attacks from unknown threats pose critical risks to businesses and are the hardest to prevent. We specialize in identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing risks against both criteria for risk acceptance and objectives relevant to the organization. We assist in the assessment of information security risks to the institution as well as the determination of appropriate management actions while establishing priorities for managing and implementing controls to protect against those risks.


Security systems are usually the most vulnerable to attacks aimed at regular employees. No matter the security system you have set up, your devices and networks can still be compromised by a single person acting in an unauthorized manner. An attacker will frequently take advantage of an employee's lack of awareness regarding proper security procedures. This, combined with the innate desire of most people to be helpful, can allow the attacker to gain illegitimate access to your company's protected resources. This type of cyber-attack is referred to as a “social engineering” attack.

Training company employees on how to respond to such attacks are therefore important in ensuring your security. We provide onsite and virtual training accustomed to your needs and requirements. We at CyberGasha believe that cybersecurity isn't the sole responsibility of IT personnel, but that it requires the active efforts of employees in combating the cyber threats of today. That is why we offer training to companies' IT security personnel and other employees too. Read More